Sum-Product Networks

We are working to produce a comprehensive SPN software package. In the meantime, code is available from the following papers:

  • Language Modeling with Sum-Product Networks. [pdf] [code]
    Wei-Chen Cheng, Stanley Kok, Hoai Vu Pham, Hai Leong Chieu, and Kian Ming A. Chai.
    Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association 15 (INTERSPEECH 2014).
  • Learning the Structure of Sum-Product Networks. [pdf] [slides] [code and supplemental results]
    Robert Gens and Pedro Domingos.
    International Conference on Machine Learning 30 (ICML 2013).
  • Sum-Product Networks: A New Deep Architecture. [pdf] [slides] [code and results]
    Hoifung Poon and Pedro Domingos.
    Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence 27 (UAI 2011).